Professional Teeth Cleanings and Complete Checkups

Keeping a check on your dental health is key to the maintenance of your overall health. The prevention of oral problems begins at home by following a good dental care regimen and eating a balanced diet devoid of excess sugar and acidic foods. An additional step that is immensely important to your oral care program is regular visits to our dental office for checkups and professional cleanings. It is recommended that these checkups be conducted for every patient at least two times a year. The frequency may be more for patients who are suffering from a dental disease or are at a higher risk of oral problems.

Regular dental exams and professional cleanings allow us to restore, maintain and promote your dental health. A typical dental hygiene visit at the office of Joseph F. DeSantis and Associates LLC includes the following:

  • Dental checkup: During a dental checkup, we examine your teeth, gums and mouth for abnormalities and any signs of decay, gum disease, bite imbalances, impacted teeth, crowding and other such problems. Any early warnings that indicate the occurrence of oral problems will be addressed in time so that the need for expensive and painful dental work in future can be avoided.
  • Professional Dental Cleaning (Prophylaxis): A professional dental cleaning involves a deep cleansing of the mouth using special dental instruments that are designed to remove plaque and tartar from the hidden areas of the mouth. The teeth are then flossed and polished.
  • Digital X-Rays: To detect any possible problems that may not be visible to the naked eye, we make use of advanced digital X-Ray technology.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings: We conduct oral cancer screenings for all our patients as a part of their dental examination to help rule out the possibility of the disease and to administer timely treatment as applicable.

Preventive dental care is essential to the avoidance of costly and serious dental problems that may deteriorate your health in the long run. It also helps you maintain a confident smile that is beautiful and healthy. To schedule your teeth cleaning and regular dental checkup appointment at our office, please call us at 610-601-5547.