Your dental health is directly connected to your overall health and well-being. General dentistry encompasses all the services and treatments that are aimed at helping you maintain great oral health. At the office of Joseph F. DeSantis and Associates LLC, we offer a wide variety of general dental care services to help you keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

Dentistry is not only concerned with your teeth, but also with the health of your gums, mouth, jaw and other facial structures. We offer the following general dentistry services at our practice:

  1. Dental cleanings and complete dental checkups: Dental cleanings and regular dental checkups performed at least twice a year help you maintain great dental health, strong teeth and come a long way in preventing the occurrence of oral care problems.
  2. Fluoride treatments: Topical fluoride treatments help in strengthening the enamel to prevent decay and protect the teeth against acid and bacterial attacks.
  3. Halitosis treatment: Halitosis is the medical name for bad breath. When you come to us with a complaint of persistent bad breath, we work to identify the root of the problem and give you proper treatment and care so that your mouth becomes healthy and your breath stays fresh.
  4. Mouth guards and night guards: Custom dental mouth guards from our office can help you prevent injury to the teeth and mouth while playing contact sports and can also save your teeth from the side effects of bruxism.
  5. Composite bonding: Composite bonding can be used to improve the appearance of cracked, chipped and stained teeth in a natural-looking way.
  6. Fillings: We use metal-free, tooth-colored fillings to restore the look and function of decayed teeth.
  7. Extractions: We perform comfortable, pain-free extractions to remove teeth that have been damaged beyond repair. Talk to us about the anesthesia and sedation options we offer to give you a relaxing experience during the procedure.

To schedule your oral health care appointment at our practice, please feel free to call us at 610-601-5547.