At the office of Joseph F. DeSantis and Associates LLC, we offer our patients a wide variety of restorative options to bring back the look and function of lost and damaged teeth. One of these comes in the form of high quality crowns and bridges.

Crowns are a restoration of choice for many as they help to rebuild a tooth structure that has been compromised while retaining the root structure. They provide great support for the adjacent teeth as well. Crowns can be used for the following purposes:

  • Restoration of a severely worn or broken tooth
  • To protect a cracked or weakened tooth
  • Support and cover teeth with very large fillings
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To serve as an anchor for a bridge
  • To cosmetically enhance or misshapen or discolored tooth

A bridge is used for replacing several missing teeth. It is anchored to natural teeth or implants at both ends of the gap created by missing teeth using crowns.

The application of a crown or bridge begins by taking impressions of your teeth and sending them to a dental laboratory where your custom restorations are prepared using high quality porcelain material. The tooth on which a crown is being placed will need to be filed down for the crown to fit properly. In the case of a bridge, the teeth at both ends of the bridge will need to be prepared prior to its placement. Once the teeth are prepared, the restoration is cemented on and your new smile is ready.

Crown Lengthening

This treatment is performed to improve the health of the gums or to prepare the mouth for cosmetic or restorative procedures. The crown lengthening process exposes more of the natural tooth by recontouring the gum tissue and bone. It is often used to correct a “gummy smile”.

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