Try and rid yourself of whatever misconceptions you might have coming into today’s blog post. It’s easy to think about kids’ dental care as less important because of the fact that children eventually lose their initial teeth anyway. It’s OK if that’s what you’re thinking right now because it’s actually very common! But a kids’ dentist is actually quite critical to their overall health and development.

Unfortunately, your child’s fantastic, healthy smile doesn’t begin only following a visit from the tooth fairy. Their baby teeth are also vital to the health and development of your child because their initial teeth hold the space for those permanent, adult teeth forming under the gums, not to mention the fact that baby teeth still assist your child when chewing, eating, speaking and smiling! So seeing a kids’ dentist does indeed long-term payoff down the road!

But more than simply the physical benefits, it’s imperative to prepare your child for the rest of their lives when it comes to creating a positive experience around a dentist and their oral health. Setting healthy habits at an early age, and fostering a strong attitude toward visits to the dentist, sets a foundation for a lifetime of great habits and experiences!

Now you better understand just why trips to a kids’ dentist are pivotal for your child, let’s discuss how you go about selecting the family dentist and what things you should desire. Here are some great tips Joseph F. DeSantis and Associates Family Dentistry in Chadds Ford and Glen Mills, PA  has put together for you to think about when looking for a great kids’ dentist!

Study Up

Picking a kids’ dentist is an extremely personal decision. You want somebody you are sure knows what they’re doing and who consistently shows your child a positive experience while doing it, because this is very likely the same dentist they’ll see for a long time, if not the rest of their life.

There’s no worse feeling than taking time from your busy schedule only to find out in the middle of it all that the dental office won’t work for your family because of procedural snags. It’s well worth your time to do some homework first and we’ve laid out these key points beforehand. If those boxes are checked, you’ve found a strong candidate for a kids’ dentist that’s right for your family! But there is still more you will want to think about and weigh.


  • Ask the people around you that you trust like family, friends, neighbors or coworkers which dentist they see and if they provide care for children.
  • Make sure your potential dental offices receive positive reviews and ratings and are in a convenient location.
  • Always verify the office accept your dental plan beforehand.
  • Check to see if the dentists are members of the American Dental Association or other reputable professional societies.
  • What is the office’s availability and capacity for emergency situations and are they willing to handle the unexpected?

Dental Office Evaluation

Great job! You’ve found a qualified and trusted dentist in your area as a potential kids’ dentist for your child. Time to find out whether or not this is truly the best option for you and your family. Don’t forget, the office itself can leave nuggets of information to consider. You want an office that’s inviting to your kid. Remember, this is supposed to be a fun experience for your child. Not a chore!

Any (and all) of these attributes and indicators are wonderful signs that you’ve done a tremendous job seeking out the right kids’ dentist for your family. Just a couple of other factors to pay attention to and this kids’ dentist is likely the one for you!


  • Check for games, toys, books or other activities which invite your child to feel comfortable. Is there appropriate-sized furniture or other amenities for kids to suggest this office encourages children? Cartoons or engaging, educational content on the televisions could be great indicators.
  • Ensure the dentist and they’re office staff are friendly and interactive with your child. Do they seem comfortable communicating with children of various ages? Do they display patience and understanding of any preconceived fears your child may have about being in a doctor’s office setting?
  • Notice how the services the dentist provides are administered toward children and if they’re made with their comfort and safety in mind such as sunglasses to shield bright lights or toothbrushes with your kid’s favorite characters. Anything that makes the experience communicate fun!

Post-Visit Considerations

There’s certainly no need to rush this decision. After all, as we’ve established up until now (we hope!), choosing the right kids’ dentist for your family can be an important decision considering the chances you’ll continue to see the same dental office and dentist for many years to come!

Now that you know the dentist you’ve vetted is qualified and convenient for your family and provides a comfortable, positive visiting experience for your child, it’s time to consider just a couple more factors before making that all-important final decision!


  • Ask your child about the trip and see how they felt about the visit and the dentist. Did they feel at ease about the process and the experience? Was the dentist a personality your child connected with and wants to visit again?
  • Was your child seen quickly? Your time is important, just like their oral health is. Your dentist should care about both!
  • Was the examination gentle and caring, but while remaining thorough?. There should be a great balance of doing a fantastic job inspecting and treating their teeth and also making sure your child was comfortable and at ease.
  • Your kids’ dentist should always answer any questions you have with concern and respect, plus offer advice on the best kids dental care at home, causes of any issues and prevention of serious complications or diseases children are susceptible to as well as any other topic important to a healthy smile.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

You’ve completed all the great diligence of a fantastic parent when searching for your kids’ dentist, well done! If you’re comfortable that the dental office meets (or even exceeds!) the criteria you scouted for, then you’ve found the dentist for your family. Congratulations!

Finding the right kids’ dentist has laid the foundation for a happy and healthy lifestyle for your children and nurtured a positive experience your kid can take with them through adulthood. Each time your child smiles, feel some pride because it’s a tremendous reminder that you are an awesome parent as you put enough time and care into searching, and selecting, a kids’ dentist. You made a sound decision for the most important person in your life!

At Joseph F. DeSantis and Associates Family Dentistry in Chadds Ford, PA and Glen Mills, PA, we understand what you should look for in your kids’ dentist and would love the opportunity to show you we’re the right fit for your family. Let us help you create that beautiful, lifelong smile for all your children. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!